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5 Things You Should Add to Your Facebook Fan Page

5 Things You Should Add to Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media sites growing at thousands of users a day.  Because of the vast background of all these users it doesn’t take a lot of effort to recognize its influence, and any company, regardless of size and product will be able to boost their brand and create product familiarity, while always building potential customers. It’s easy to create a Facebook page, but what many are not aware of is that creating a Facebook page that easily collects ‘likes’ and builds a strong fan base, is a daunting task. 

When a visitor makes it to your Facebook page, most will click on either your info or wall, and if they don’t find anything that catches their interest they will simply leave your page. When a visitor likes your page, it’s to your advantage, because this new fan will be updated now and then with things you publish.
You may have come across pages on Facebook that are so well done you wonder how it was possible. Great news! Here are 5 things you need to know about your Facebook fan page. 

#1 Embed YouTube Video

Facebook doesn’t allow you to instantly run flash. You have to launch it using a click on an image, so you need an image whenever you put a video up on Facebook. You can put your own URL with a custom picture. 

#2 Product Commenting

If you want to set up a little store on your Facebook business page, this feature is excellent. You have each product liked and then commented on. 

#3 Insert Flash Content

If you want to customize your Facebook fan pages with flash files for the header or in the photo gallery. If you are going to embed flash you will need to install a plugin or widget like 3D Flash Slide Show Maker. There are others you can use. 

#4 Track Using Google Analytics

The Facebook analytics system offers only limited information, but that’s not a problem because you can use Google Analytics on your Facebook business page. Create a new Google Analytics account to use with your Facebook URL. Then copy the UA number provide and insert it into your page code.
Applications using the Facebook Platform can access Insights data using the Graph API  and FQL. You must grant permission to allow third-party analytics software to access the Insights data for your account.

#5 Pop Ups

If you find your Facebook page is content heavy, you can hide some of it under the pop up boxes by inserting the appropriate pop up code.

5 Tips to Create Facebook Posts That Are Engaging

5 Tips to Create Facebook Posts That Are Engaging

If you want to grow your fan base and increase your likes, you are going to need to have posts to your page that are interesting and keep your visitors wanting to return. Here are 5 tips to create Facebook posts that are engaging.

#1 Use Copy, Images and Videos That Are Engaging

* Photos and videos that are media rich will get attention and they will help your message be more noticeable on a News feed.
* Lifestyle and inspirational images are always engaging. Smart Page owners are quick to take advantage of these images, because they understand they do not have to be relevant to the product/service you offer to be relevant to your fans. These fans will then share these posts with their friends and that provides you with more reach and another opportunity to grow your ‘Likes.’
* Share images/photos of your products with your customers enjoying them.
* The best posts are between 100 and 250 characters – short and to the point gets the most attention.

#2 Share and Promote Discounts and Promotions That are Exclusive

* Offer your visitors a really good perk or deal to keep them interested. You can increase your sales and increase your followers with this technique.
* Buy 1 get 1 free seems to be a very popular promotion and so is when you are giving things away for free.
* To increase your visitors’ engagement, make sure that you have a clear call to action.

#3 Suitability and Timeliness

* When your posts are related to what they are thinking about at the time, such as holidays or a current sporting event, your audience is much more likely to engage
* Timeliness in replying to any posts that have a comment on them is also important. The faster you are to replying to your fans the more likely that they will continue to engage you.

#4 Drive Traffic to Your Website With Links

Link posts have an area that’s larger now and it helps people to find your website, thereby increasing your traffic.
Use link posts to drive people to your website
Link posts now have a larger, clickable area that helps drive people to your website. Take the title, image and description, which comes from the URL, and customize it.
Put these 4 tips into play and watch your fans grow.

4 Ways You Can Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

4 Ways You Can Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

Increasing your Facebook ‘Likes’ is how you increase your fans. Gathering fans can be done quickly using a number of tools, but the problem is you want to gather real fans that have the potential to become customers rather than just a bunch of ‘Likes.’ Let’s look at 4 ways you can increase your Facebook Page ‘Likes’ with those that can really build your business.  

#1 Contests and Sweepstakes

It’s very easy to run a contest or sweepstakes on Facebook. You can even require that Facebook entrants have to first become a fan by liking your page in order to enter the contest. This can really increase your fans/likes. However, many businesses go about this the wrong way. They promote their competition using Newsfeeds. You should not do this because it is against Facebook’s terms & conditions. Run your contest properly using an app like Wildfire or Strutta. There are a number of other contest apps you can use. Common types of contest include video or photo submissions. This contest and sweepstake method work best when you have over 500 fans. 

#2 Comment on the Business Pages of Others

If you want to get more Facebook fans then you must make you need your page to be as visible as you can possibly make it to a relevant audience.  If you are a local brick and mortar business, you should ‘Like’ other local pages. Make comments on their pages as your page not your personal name. If you comment on posts where others have already commented, depending on their settings, they will be notified that you posted giving you increased visibility. 

#3 From Your Personal Profile Add a Link to Your Business Page 

Use your personal profile to add a link to your business page. Some of your friends will find what you do useful. You can even mention your own page in your status updates now and then to encourage friends to visit your Page and if they like what you have to offer, they might click the ‘Like’ button and grow your fans.

#4 Invite Friends to Like Your Page

You can really give your fan base a boost by simply asking your friends to ‘Like’ your page. Do this right from your page, where you can invite friends. It’s easy and highly effective.

There you have it – 4 ways to increase your Facebook Page likes and therefore your fans. 

4 Tips You Need to Know to Grow Your Facebook Small Business Page

4 Tips You Need to Know to Grow Your Facebook Small Business Page

Growing your small business using Facebook can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging and frustrating. Here are 4 tips you need to know to grow your Facebook fans and likes. 

#1 Make an Offer

Promotions, discounts and free stuff are all very popular on Facebook. It is a way to offer your customers something of great value and they love it! You can offer a discount to anyone that mentions you on Facebook when they shop with you. You can build your reach (likes and fans) by making it simple for your visitors to distribute your message beyond your current fan base and then make it easy to redeem whatever you have offered them (discount or gift).

#2 Boost The Posts That Are Important

Use ‘Boosted Posts’ to help you increase your audience reach. Enter the amount you are going to set aside for your promotion and Facebook immediately tells you how many people that reach will generate. You can target your reach so that your message is getting to the right people. For example, you can create posts that reach people near you. This is a powerful tool that is often overlooked because users don’t understand its full benefit. It’s cost effective and it provides an easy way to expand the reach of your posts. It’s important to realize that just posting your post isn’t enough anymore. You need to take these extra steps to get the most from your posts. 

#3 Make Sure to Post Regularly

Throughout the day create a steady posting stream before any big event you have coming up. This can help your audience to focus. Make sure you are highlighting your ‘top goods/services,’ but reach out beyond self promotion to get the most out of your posts. Consider adding posts that will give your audience extra value. When you just post on your products and services your audience becomes bored and is likely to either hide your news feed or ‘unlike’ your page. By offering content that’s interesting you keep your audience wanting to find out what else you will offer. 

#4 Give Your Page a Facelift

It’s time to do a little remodeling on your page and add some value. Make sure that your content information and hours of operation are posted. Update your cover photo so that it is current and relevant. Tell your audience a little bit about yourself and your business. 
These 4 tips will help you grow your Facebook Small Business Page.

4 Techniques to Increase Your Facebook Likes

4 Techniques to Increase Your Facebook Likes

When it comes to implementing social media strategies, Facebook is a great place to start as it is the network that has the most users. However, if you thought that posting to Facebook now and then is enough, you’d be wrong. Using that strategy is going to have you flat lining rather than growing.  Let’s look at 4 techniques to Increase your Facebook Likes and grow your fans.

#1. Tag Yourself in Your Photos

This technique is so easy to use that you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner. From now on every single photo that you put up on your Facebook Page make sure that you tag yourself in every single photo. This is smart because if your content is good and its shareable then it will appear on the news feeds of others. When one of your fan’s shares it, then it’s going to be linked in the ‘shared section’ in addition to the image your fan shared. 

#2 Create Content That’s Shareable

Good content is great, but great content is greater. It is very important to have content that is shareable. This means your content is so good that your audience doesn’t just want to like it, they want to share it with their own friends. The content that your fans share is really part of their online identity. It tells others what they like and who they are. In this case it also shows support for you. When content is shareable, it increases your like because it exposes your name to more people, putting your brand out there in front of those that are not currently your fans. 

#3 Remember to Remain Consistent

You do not want to develop want to become boring. You don’t want to have one week with a big peak and then your page gets hum-drum boring until the next big peak. This type of inconsistency will have people leaving your page. Instead consistently engage your audience so they can depend on you.

#4 Watch Your Timing

If you want the most people to see your posts, then you need to post when most people are on Facebook. Generally mornings and afternoons are best, but of course you will need to determine what’s best for your audience. Maybe you cater to an international market so you’ll need to figure out the best time to post locally to reach that market. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see find the best time for your posts.